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Whether you work for an agency or run your own show, if you manage social media accounts for a living, then a social media monitoring tool is a necessity. A social media monitoring tool helps you stay in touch with your followers and listen to what people say about you and your industry.

Supported Platforms

This all-in-one overview is useful for not just small businesses with an active social media presence but also for large, multi-location or multi-profile corporations. When a massive consumer brand releases something new, it tends to trend on social media. For example, on the day Apple unveils a new product, social media analytics often point to a sudden tweet storm of specific trending hashtags related to the product. Apple would naturally monitor these hashtags to discover customers’ likes and dislikes. As you can see, there are many tools that can help you monitor your brand presence & competitors on social media.

At first, Keurig merely wanted to present the newly homeless family with a new coffee maker, resulting in cries of indignance across major social media channels. As a result of listening to the audience’s reactions, the company paid for fire restoration, and the family was able to regain their home. This example shows the effectiveness of social media listening in reputation management. HootSuite social media trackers is free for up to 5 social media profiles — with plans starting at $8.99 per month. Advanced analysis – Efficiently interpret large amounts of data, topics, and messaging to create and track PR campaigns, communications strategies, and KPIs. Sort and filter coverage based on key dimensions including publication reputation, article relevance, social media amplification, sentiment, and more.

Customer Stories

  • It’s not cheap to glean that info, but you get plenty of powerful data-driven insights for your money.
  • Mention is a social media monitoring system that delivers results in real-time, allowing you to jump into conversations involving your brand straight away.
  • The ability to track mentions across forums and chat rooms, as well as the usual social, media outlets and influencer analytics mean that you can be across all the conversations surrounding your brand.
  • That empowers the user to react quickly, chart their marketing metrics and provide detailed reports from the same place.
  • It’s easy to see why big businesses would see as a great fit for them.

I agree that monitoring brand is critical, especially in this era where negative comments can become viral in a heartbeat. Most people don’t take the time to test any type of results that they get from their blogs, social media, or websites. A great strategy is to pick one or two tools on the Internet and stick to them. It’s always great to find tools to help enhance your business for little or no cost, especially when companies are still hesitant to shell out big bucks on social media. are super easy to set up and provide a foundation for most media monitoring.

The inventors of PR Attribution™ and Power of Voice™, Onclusive measures the true impact that content is having on a company’s bottom line. Monitor your competition to learn what’s working and not working with their audience so you can avoid the same customer service pitfalls. You can now benchmark your Facebook response rate against your competitors by checking out the percentage response rate on their Facebook pages. Facebook offers a “very responsive to messages badge” which shows which Pages respond quickly and consistently to private messages. To get the badge, your Page must have achieved a response rate of 90%and a response time of 15 minutes over the last seven days.

Interested to know why over 30,000 brands trust Meltwater as their solution? Check out our recent blog,14 reasons why companies choose Meltwater for media monitoring. The tool allows you to manage multiple different Twitter accounts, monitoring all mentions. You can add customizable streams to your dashboard, for example organizing by messages, mentions, notification, or searches. Trusted by 18 million users in 175 different countries, Hootsuite helps brands manage multiple social networks and grow their social strategy. As part of the dashboard, you can filter streams by mentions, posts, updates, or even scheduled posts. You can use the tool to monitor mentions of your brand, competitors, industry, or even set up complex Boolean queries for the less obvious use cases.

It also helps you see how influencers you already use are succeeding – by alerting you to content that is particularly engaging, for example. Social Media Intelligenceis an overarching term covering a few key areas of social analytics, including Social Media Monitoring and Social Media Listening, with a focus onCompetitor Analysis.

As well as offering a few news blogs too, it’s on the main social channels that Trackur comes into its own, offering impact metrics, sentiment analysis and competitor tracking. It allows brands to find the right influencers to court on a simple dashboard, but don’t expect a global report of mentions, because Trackur doesn’t offer it. You can easily create dashboards for each customer or line of business you are working in, helping large organisations track specific brands, clients social media monitoring or campaigns seamlessly. The reporting is in real time, so reports are continuously updated and the data sets arrive looking clean, if not that pretty. Billed as the fastest and one of the best media monitoring services out there, Critical Mention customers also love the user-friendly platform and getting their notifications in real-time. Alpha Clips is based on the article origins of stories, summarizing articles that would be commonly shared across social networks and online.

In other words, you’re potentially missing out on amassive marketing opportunity. But the thought of there being potentially negative comments can make social media seem a scary place for some businesses. So much so that they may opt out from even having a social media presence at all.

With pricing plans starting at $29/mo, Awario offers Enterprise capabilities included in every plan. Keyhole is used by marketers to track social accounts, hashtags and keywords in real-time using Twitter, Instagram and FB, but has been historically known for hashtag analytics. The tool allows brands to monitor mentions across blogs and news sites, and comes with keyword clouds, mentions maps, sentiment analysis, and analytics. In this blog we will list out the top 10 social media monitoring tools you should be using for your strategy, and why. Social media monitoring allows you to monitor andanalyze your brand across social channels—and see how you stack up to your competitors. It gives you the power to manage brand mentions, identify and analyzekey trendsover time, monitor the competition, and draft and review content. Before we dive into what social media monitoring tools we recommend, let’s first look at what social media monitoring is and why it is important.

Hootsuite is a social media monitoring app that works with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Myspace and WordPress. It allows you to easily track all of your accounts, including @mentions on Twitter. Resulting sentiment showed them they were on to something – even when some of the initial posts were skeptical. We encourage readers to look into any one of our services in the paid social media monitoring and measurement category. Another relatively low-cost service to do social media monitoring and measurement is Sysomos’ Heartbeat – For company that want something that is robust, flexible and cost-effective, Heartbeat is a very solid option.

You can use their platform to access all media mentions of your brand across the web with advanced, granular brand monitoring — helping you to protect your reputation. Google has a host of other tools and services – which are available for free – that will help you with brand monitoring, web analytics and optimisation. Through its Data Studio you can create dashboards that will help you visualise your web and search console data. With sentiment analysis – part of your social listening and audience intelligence solution, you will be able to tap into the emotion behind these conversations. Social media monitoring involves the tracking of online brand mentions and the subsequent responding of them.

By using brand monitoring, you can proactively keep an eye on and seek out associated topics and trends happening within your industry that your potential customers care about. By delving deeper into these conversations, you can surface the terminology and phrases used by your target audience to really start speaking their language. The information you get from social media analytics tools will help you determine which strategies work best—and where to spend your hard-earned dollars. A good reputation online is one of the keys for a business to gain and maintain customers. It’s like the foundation that you need to constantly build so that others would trust your brand.

Book a quick demo with one of our experts and they’ll take you through a tour of our brand monitoring platform and how it can help your campaigns. Free and easy, just add a news monitoring tools keyword in and you’ll receive emails when someone uses it on the web. You can use it to track anything from your brand name to currencies, meaning it’s pretty versatile.

is a great source of up-to-date information which can help you gauge where the conversations are within your industry. Signup for free, then search for any brand or topic and read the questions and answers that have been posted. You can also set up alerts to stay on top of any terms you’re tracking in your media monitoring.

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