What does 50000 words look like?

What does 50000 words look like?

Answer: A 50,000 word count is about 100 pages single-spaced or 200 pages double-spaced. A 50,000 word count will create about 100 pages single-spaced or 200 pages double-spaced with normal margins (1і) using 12 pt. Times New Roman or Arial font.

Is 52 on Turnitin bad?

Average similarity index 2013 up to about 50% of matches It is quite normal for an essay to have up to 50% of matches to other items; or even more. This does not mean you are guilty of plagiarism.

What does yellow mean on Turnitin?

Blue: No matching text. Green: One word to 24% matching text. Yellow: 25-49% matching text. Orange: 50-74% matching help writing a research paper text. Red: 75-100% matching text.

How do you write a university science report?

This includes:A title.The aim of the experiment.The hypothesis.An introduction to the relevant background theory.The methods used.The results.A discussion of the results.The conclusion.

What are the goals of scientific research?

The goal of scientific research is to discover laws and postulate theories that can explain natural or social phenomena, or in other words, build scientific knowledge.

How do you say good morning to a friend?

May every sunrise hold more promise for you. To all my friends who https://pro-papers.com/blog/300-word-essay-writing-guide have just woken up, good morning. A morning becomes more beautiful when I spend it with you. The sun may light up the earth but my life is lit up by friends like you.

What is the thesis statement in an article?

A thesis statement clearly identifies the topic being discussed, includes the points discussed in the paper, and is written for a specific audience. Your thesis statement belongs at the end of your first paragraph, also known as your introduction.

Can you put a quote in a footnote?

Direct quotations. Anytime you use somebody else’s words, you must put them in quotation marks and footnote your source. A long quote of several lines should be indented and single-spaced.

What part of speech is in conclusion?

‘Conclusion’ is a noun. Nouns are words that stand for people, places, ideas, or things. A conclusion is a thing.

What is a personal analysis?

Person analysis is a phase of training needs analysis directed at identifying which individuals within an organization should receive training and what training they should receive. A person analysis identifies individuals who are not meeting the desired performance requirements or goals.

How do you cite a source with a long title?

If the source title is longer than four words, shorten it to the first word or phrase in the in-text citation, excluding any articles (a, an, and the). The shortened title should begin with the word by which the source is alphabetized in the Works Cited.

How do you write a bibliography https://scholarworks.law.ubalt.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1790&context=ublr for a history project?

By following a few simple steps, this is a breeze.Step 1: Collect Your Info. As you are completing the paper for your school project, you need to collect source information for reference citations. Step 2: Create Your Title. The title that you use will be dependent on your style. Step 3: Format Your Page.

What are the parts of a formal outline?

BodySupporting detail.Supporting detail.Supporting detail.

How old should research references be?

Be careful about citing old references. The rule of thumb is to go back at most five to six years. Exceptions to this rule should be reserved for seminal works relevant to explaining what prompted your research. Roughly 85% of all cited works should be less than five years old.

How can you choose the best sources of your research?

How can I find good sources for my research paper?Make a list of research terms you can use when searching in the library or even online. Think about the kind of sources required by the assignment and also the kind of sources that are good for your question or topic. Review the works cited or bibliography section of sources that have already been helpful.